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Zinc oxide plays a huge role in swine animal husbandry globally, but restrictions being implemented around the world mean the feed additives industry has to adapt and to look for solutions in this area. One company doing so is Animine (French independent supplier of Precision minerals) with their ZinCoSupp® project – a research programme bringing together some of Europe’s leading universities to try and better understand the metabolic roles and modes of action of zinc oxide in piglets.

15 December 2020

03.00pm - 03.05pm (GMT +7 Bangkok Time)
Dr. Arturo Pinon
Animine R&D Director, Moderator

15 December 2020

03.05pm - 03.25pm (GMT +7 Bangkok Time)
Perspective and limits of nutritional
strategies to promote the gut
homeostasis in piglets

Dr. Paolo Trevisi
University of Bologna, Italy


15 December 2020

03.30pm - 03.50pm (GMT +7 Bangkok Time)
Limitations of feed additive alternatives
for a full replacement of
pharmacological levels of ZnO in diets
for piglets

Dr. Amy Taylor
University of Leeds, UK

15 December 2020

03.55pm - 04.15pm (GMT +7 Bangkok Time)
Mode of action of pharmacological
levels of ZnO - what do we know and
what can we use for future strategies?

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zentek
University of Berlin, Germany


15 December 2020

04.15pm - 04.20pm (GMT +7 Thailand Time)
Who's Animine?
Dr. Denise Cardoso
Animine Product Manager
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