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FAMSUN to help Filipino livestock farmers achieve production efficiency

Over the years, Muyang has been trusted name of the feed manufacturing companies all over the world. And to better exemplify the company's farm-to-table business concept and align its global strategy to become an integrated solution provider in the agro-industry, Muyang launched its new brand name FAMSUN which made its local debut at the LIVESTOCK PHILIPPINES 2015 at the SMX Convention Center.

FAMSUN was one of the main attractions during the three-day event held from 24 - 26 June as it showcased its state-of-the-art facilities and machineries on a 90-square meter exhibition display - the show's biggest exhibit area.

FAMSUN was coined from the words "famous, farm, family, sun and union", implying Muyang's vision of building a "greener" supply chain from the farm to the table. "This is a move of the company to really provide integrated, healthy solutions of the entire value chain of livestock production - from farming, grains, logistics, processing until it reaches the food table. We offer complete services - from design, conceptualization, engineering design, manufacturing the equipment, installation, operations, and after sales service. Our services are comprehensive stages of operation that we wholly provide to our customers," explains Ronald A. Macali, General Manager of FAMSUN - Muyang Holdings Co., Ltd.

Aside from a new name, flexibility makes FAMSUN a standout from its counterparts. "We are much flexible as we can use and customize the design whatever is necessary for our customers as well as what the market needs. Our aim is to benefit both the farmers and the customers: help the farmers reduce their operating costs but at the same time, the consumers getting the quality product that they need," tells Mr. Macali.

As one of the crowd drawers, Mr. Macali hopes to have a bigger space in the next staging of LIVESTOCK PHILIPPINES in 2017. But his ultimate goal is for FAMSUN to help Filipino livestock farmers achieve production efficiency. "In the local livestock business, a lot are still in the backyard. As I've always said, FAMSUN stands true to our vision and that is to help the farmers in achieving a cost-efficient production method - reduced production costs but yielding quality products that the market needs," says Mr. Macali.

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